BSC AMP is the First Asset Management platform to be built on Binance Smart Chain with Lending, Borrowing and other Services. BSC AMP is a non-custodial wallet, which means we don’t have user accounts and never have access to your funds. You just connect your Binance Smart Chain Wallet to BSC AMP. From there on, any transactions you implement will be strictly between you and the protocols that you use.
BSC AMP is the Binance Smart Chain DeFi Asset management web-based application which is One-Stop destination for all the defi applications on Binance Smart Chain. BSC AMP will bring leading protocols and platforms to allow the users to leverage the maximum potential of decentralized finance on Binance Smart Chain. Our platform will provide an integrated approach to handle the DeFi assets in a simple and secure manner. BSC AMP core focus remains on user-experience, security and privacy of data and user information.
BSC AMP is globally accessible platform that helps track assets in real-time with its updates and notifications. Also, unleashing the rewards and other incentives within the BSC AMP ecosystem by earning our native token $BAMP. To unlock the true potential of defi on Binance Smart Chain, get started with BSC AMP.
Last modified 8mo ago
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